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As both a letterpress print shop and a working museum, Hatch Show Print not only operates as a thriving analog business providing custom prints and posters for clients, but also serves as a resource for educational activities and programs on everything from the history of advertising and graphic design to the technical elements of letterpress printing. The shop celebrates this art form with stories and interviews from past and present Hatch Show Print printer-designers, fellow designers and enthusiasts from Nashville and beyond, and videos on the printing process.

All in all, these are presentations of preservation through production that include interludes of inkiness with a dose of comradely comedy for good measure.


Get inside the print shop and experience the daily activity at Hatch Show Print. This series of videos includes features focused on the shop’s process, from design to print, of limited-run letterpress printed posters—as well as various programs taking place in and around the shop.


Get face-to-(type)face with Hatch Show Print designer-printers and fellow letterpress printers; Every poster tells a story and every printer tells their story in their own words.


Learn about the letterpress techniques in real time (and in time lapse) that the Hatch Show Print designer-printers use in their work as poster makers.


It is a privilege to be surrounded by the craftsmanship of nearly six generations of designers and printers, as expressed in the wood type and hand-carved image blocks that line the shop’s walls. And it is a thrill to see how our Visiting Artists and staff draw upon the contents of the shop to make art, featured in shows in Hatch Show Print’s Haley Gallery. Meet some of these makers and see their work.

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