Intern with Hatch Show Print


“Preservation through Production” 

At Hatch Show Print we offer five different intern sessions during the calendar year, open to both students and non-students. This is not an artist residency. Completing an internship at Hatch Show Print does not lead to full-time employment. This is an educational opportunity. During the internship, you will learn from the process of traditional letterpress printing. From redistributing type, to restriking classic posters, to designing for a real client, you will become an integral part of the shop during your time here. We accept four interns per session, and the sessions vary in length.

The internship is unpaid, and housing, meals and transportation will be your responsibility. If you need help finding housing, we are happy to give you some guidance.


We do NOT accept email applications. If you have any questions regarding the internship program, feel free to email us at, but understand that you are not officially being considered for a spot until you have sent in a physical portfolio with a resume and a cover letter. Do not send in any jump drives, CDs, floppy disks or any other kind of digital witchcraft. It will most certainly never get looked at.

Also, when assembling your portfolio, it should be mentioned that we do not require you to send in original prints. If you would rather photograph your work, and send in prints of the photos, that is acceptable, but please take the time to print them out or have them printed on a semi-professional printer and on something other than regular copy paper. In other words, be sure the prints represent the actual work they portray as well as possible.

We offer five different unpaid internship sessions. Please include which session you will be applying for. We make selections two months before the start date of the session, so be sure and get your application in on time. 

Send applications to:
Hatch Show Print Attn: Devin Goebel 224 5th Ave S,  Nashville, TN 37203


If you want your work returned to you, send in a self-addressed AND stamped/postage paid envelope. Otherwise, we cannot promise that you will ever see what you send us again.

Hatch Internship Dates: 2019

Summer A | May 6 - June 14

Summer B | July 1 - August 9

Fall | September 2 - October 25

Winter | December 2 - 13