Hatch Show Print


Where to Start?

by Hatch Show Print August 01, 2013

Hatch Show Print's Old Location
Hatch Show Print Broadway Location

With 134 years' worth of equipment, tools and the accessories of printing posters (wood blocks, photoplates and more), plus more than 20 years to allow all sorts of paper to collect in the building's nooks and crannies, where do you start? Upstairs, of course! This spring, before it got too warm in our second floor storage areas, volunteers and staff packed up all of the photoplates that have been made since Hatch moved into 316 Broadway in 1992, as well as the archive of each poster and design job. The job histories and photoplates are accessed regularly by the designers at Hatch, when reviewing past work for long-standing clients, or pulling plates that have been requested be used again in a new poster design. (in photo, intrepid volunteer Mitsy packs photoplates.)