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Hatch Show Print and Hatch Show Print’s Haley Gallery are proud to present new work by visiting artist David Wolske. Hailing from Indiana, Wolske visited Nashville’s historic print shop earlier this year to create his Synæsthetica series using some of the biggest wood type font in the shop’s collection. By employing larger-than-life letterforms and applying his twenty-first-century sensibilities, Wolske arranged the layers to create dynamic interactions of color and shape, engaging the viewer in a vivid dialogue with the vibrant hues and energetic geometry. Alongside his new work produced at Hatch Show Print, Haley Gallery will also display other absorbing printwork by Wolske.

David Wolske is a letterpress artist based in Bloomington, Indiana, where he teaches and lectures on graphic design, typography, book arts, and letterpress printing for the School of Art + Design at Indiana University.

In 2012, Wolske developed a new letterpress printmaking technique and named it isotype printing. This multi-step masking system allows him to isolate specific parts of wood type blocks and create complex layered images from the abstracted components. Though he reveres the history of letterpress printing, and uses antique presses and type, Wolske strives to make conceptually rich contemporary work using deconstructed letters to communicate without words.  

About David Wolske

David Wolske received a BA in Studio Art from Marian University, Indianapolis, Indiana, and an MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. His work is exhibited and collected around the world. He regularly teaches typography, graphic design, letterpress printing, and book arts classes and workshops across the United States. Wolske’s work reveals an affinity for handset wood and metal type, but also enthusiastically incorporates digital tools, computer software, and design thinking into a manual workflow that draws heavily on the traditions of letterpress and fine art printmaking.

For more information about David Wolske, visit www.david-wolske.com.


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