Hatch Show Print


Moonlightin’ 2017 at The Haley Gallery

Friday, November 17, 2017 - 09:30am

By day, they turn out the hundreds of show posters Hatch Show Print is called upon to design and produce each year. By night, their creative skills are put to work in personal endeavors. The designer-printers have studied graphic design, printmaking and/or book arts, served internships at Hatch Show Print, and collectively designed and printed thousands of poster jobs for the shop, applying their 21st century training and sensibilities to the 138-year-old archive of type and imagery. This show offers the artists an opportunity to share the work they pursue after hours, and that is inspired or influenced in some way by their daily work in the shop. 

Featured Artists

Cory Wasnewsky • Sarah Anne Murphy • Amber Richards • Jennifer Bronstein
Cathy Batliner • Lauren Kinney • Heather Moulder • Celene Aubry • Devin Goebel