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March 27, 2017 - June 25, 2017

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In honor of the world premiere of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film, Hatch Show Print’s Haley Gallery hosts this exhibition of the work from over 50 letterpress artists.

The exhibition showcases more than 140 individual works of art, many from artists who took part in the documentary. Works range from diminutive prints to large scale pieces on paper, as well as artisan books.


Allison Chapman (Igloo Letterpress)

Amelia Fontanel

Amy Redmond

Bob Keleman/Winnie Daulbaugh (Black Walnut Letterpress)

Bobby Rosenstock (Just a Jar Design Press)

Brad Vetter

Briana Kagy

Celene Aubry

Wilbur Schilling

Chris Cheney (Sawtooth Print Shop)

Cindy Marsh (PermaPress)

Cory Wasnewsky (Three Cheers Press)

Craig Malmrose

Danielle Chargo (Iron Leaf Press)

David Armes (Red Plate Press)

David Wolske

Eric Woods (Firecracker Press)

Erin Davis (Wilding Davis and Company)

Georg Liesch

Greg Walters

Hannah Farthing

Heather Moulder

James McGraw

Jenna Rodriguez

Jennifer Bronstein

Jenny and Jeff Wilkson

Jennifer Farrell (Starshaped Press)

Jessica Spring (Springtide Press)

Jim Sherraden

John Christopher

José Luis Lanzagorta (Begiaundi Press)

Julie Sola (Fat Crow Press)

Kathleen O’Connell

Kim Ransdell

Kyle van Horn (Baltimore Prints)

Maggie Liesch

Mark Sableman

Mary Bruno

Mary Sullivan

Mel Stockwell (Calico Press)

Michael Helpher (Clawhammer Press)

Michelle and Angie Dreher (Two Tone Press)

Michelle Winchell

Morgan Hiscocks

Neil J. Salkind

Nieves Uhl (Sawtooth Print Shop)

Paul Aken

Raychel Steinbach Lauen

Rebecca Chamlee

Richard Kegler

Rick von Holdt (Foolproof Press)

Sky Shipley (Skyline Type Foundry)

Stephanie Carpenter

Tammy and Adam Winn (The Red Door Press)

Tom Walker

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