12 Days of Hatch Show Print
Gift Guide

Nov 21, 2019

In between making posters and shooing the cat off of the presses, the Hatch Show Print staff stays as busy as Santa’s elves, devising designs for things that cannot be letterpress printed. The treasures we find in the magical wall o’wood inspire detail-oriented projects such as our playing cards and cornhole boards, along with no-brainers like our "Dog Person" tote bag and handy kitchen towels. Here are twelve of our favorite items, to give and to get!

Order by December 16 for guaranteed December 24 delivery.

1. Hatch Show Print Playing Cards: This deck of playing cards features iconic images from the historic Hatch Show Print collection.

2. Wash Yer Dang Dishes Towels: For those who need a fun, cheeky reminder to wash their dang dishes, these custom-made cotton towels are the perfect gift.

3. Dog Person Tote Bag: Pick up this canvas tote bag for any dog lover, hot dog lover, or tote lover in your life. Or grab one for yourself!

4. Hatch Show Print Cornhole: Add a little more style to your summer cookout competitions, and grab (or gift) an exclusive Hatch Show Print cornhole board—built on classic letterpress aesthetics.

5. You Are My Sunshine Pillow: This decorative pillow is sure to brighten anyone’s day! Grab one for yourself, or show someone special how much they brighten yours.

6. Lightning Bolt Tee: Make a bold, electrifying statement with this lightning bolt long-sleeve, emblazoned with classic iconography and a classic Hatch logo.

7. Hatch X Ebbets Baseball Cap: Available in two different colors, this authentic broadcloth wool cap is embossed with a felt letter “H” taken from the original Hatch logo.

8. Nashville Skyline Poster: This Nashville skyline was produced using two layers of the shop’s type, flipped upside down on press, and a layer of dingbats and graphic elements cast in metal and carved from wood.

9. NFL Posters: Hatch printed custom-designed letterpress posters for each of the NFL’s 32 teams during the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville. Restrikes of each are now available—grab your own, or give the perfect gift to the football fans in your life.

-Available to order through December 31-

10. Hatch Show Print: Letterpress Print and Design Since 1879 Book: The story of Hatch Show Print, country music, and 140 years of slinging ink. The Letterpress Print and Design Since 1879 book focuses on the shop’s history through the lens of country music, including the Grand Ole Opry and many others who have contributed to the genre over the last century.

11. Coloring Place Mats: This set of coloring place mats, with nine different animal images, is sure to keep your kiddos creatively busy. Includes a four-pack of crayons.

12. Hello There, Darlin' Hatch Show Print Poster: Express yourself on a big, bold, and colorful scale with this custom-made Hatch Show Print poster.